SPINTSO REFCOM® 3-set Microcom for Water Polo

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REFCOM® is recognized worldwide by leagues, teams, coaches and sport referees. The 3-set is a wireless communication system developed with referees for referees to fulfill the requirements of various sports.

Water polo specific set has 2 radios for referees that are in constant communication and 1 radio for technical delegate with PTT button (Press to Talk) when he don’t need to interfere with referees all the time and can have conversation with someone else on the side.

The radio is optimized with a robust premium headset to perform as a high-end product, improved good speech quality with noise reduction, but still having a reasonable price. The Microcom headset, only with right ear piece, includes a very sensitive microphone for a clear audio quality. As an alternative, you can order twistlock headset or even with custom made ear piece. 


Before using the system, you synchronize and configure 2-4 hands free REFCOM® units to create a system for your needs. Up to four persons speaking simultaneously. Every unit is very compact and light fitting on the arm or on the belt, user friendly with simple controls. License free 2,4 Ghz band enabling communication up to 500 meters. 

REFCOM® 3-set includes

3 REFCOM units, 2 Microcom headsets 3,5mm, Headset Microcom R 3,5 mm PTT, Ear fitting adapter set, Curved finned ear tips, Black plastic clip, 
3 armbags, 3 belt clips, 1 charger, 1 manual, 1 tape, cleaning napkin, Master/AD stickers and 1 storage bag.

Technical Specification

Voice Operated Transmission
Ambient noise cancellation using DSP (One microphone alg.)
Encryption (Std. Bluetooth encryption)
Compatible with premium headst
Line of site range 800 meters
Max number of connected radios are 4.
Numbers of simultaneous speakers are 4.
Radio channels A and B
Using license free 2.4GHz radio band
CE and FCC marked
Operational time 10 hrs
Operating temperature -10 to +45°C
Climat environment is IP65
Size / Weight (including antenna and battery) 123 x 47 x 21 mm/ 60g


Watch our manuals and instructional videos by clicking on below tabs for documents or videos.

Start up and handling tips in general for REFCOM and also for 4-set

Manual in English or your native language

Leaflet; in English or your native language



Microcom headset fitting instruction

Keep in mind that audio from the microphone starts at low level after unit startup, and then automatically increases to the correct level when you have talked for a while.
If all users count to 20 in the headset before you go out to the game, the system will have enough time to set. After that, every single user can adjust his/her volume to a comfortable level.


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