Κωδικός Πρ.: SXW_0063

60,00 €
με ΦΠΑ

The BIG VENICE SWIMXWIN unisex backpack is large, beautiful, comfortable and particularly durable thanks to reinforced seams. It is a technical product, ideal for Triathlon, for swimming and for all sports in general. A first main compartment gives space to so many Other features this backpack can offer you:
- a waterproof base;
- Padded and adjustable shoulder straps;
- adjustable waistband;
- internal pocket glasses;
- reinforced inner pockets to place your objects with maximum security;
- IPOD carrying pocket;
- comfortable and secure reinforced hinges;
- pockets with "mesh bag" where you can store your wet tools / accessories;
- padded backrest to offer you the utmost comfort;
- two comfortable and sturdy hooks in the back of the backpack;
- dimensions: 469.9 x 336.6 x 247.7 mm.
An excellent construction quality that makes this backpack robust, durable and functional. The BIG VENICE backpack is definitely wider than it looks, with all the essential compartments and characterized by a great ease of use.

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